Use of the Product

What is the expiration date for the body butter?

Our body butters are good for at least 9 months after purchase. We believe, however, our product will become a staple in your daily skin routine and that the butters will be used well within that time.

Can I put the body butter in my hair?

Yes. Our body butter is 100% natural. We do not use chemicals or agents that harm the skin or scalp. Always confirm if you have any allergies to ingredients in any product you use. However, one inspiration for Dave’s Body Butter was to create something safe to use on the full body - from head to toe.

Can you use the body butter to treat skin conditions?

The body butter is not evaluated or assessed for medical treatment. However, we have received feedback from users that have noticed reduced inflammation, and more consistent retained moisture in their skin. Please let us know if you experience the same.

Travel and Storage of the body butter

What temperature do these products need to be stored? 

We recommend storing Dave's Body Butter in a cool dry place, and away from excess heat or direct sunlight. If you travel with the product, and it is over-exposed to heat, it may change consistency or melt. If this occurs, be very careful opening the jar so that the oil and butters do not spill and simply bring back to temperature to continue using.

Should I be concerned about storing the body butter?

Since the body butter contains actual butters and natural oils, it is sensitive to heat exposure. All of our body butters should be stored at room temperature. If traveling, and the product is exposed to heat, the consistency may liquify. If this occurs, use caution when opening the jar to avoid spillage. If the jar is over-exposed to heat, a simple solution is to freeze the can for 40 minutes or so and the consistency will restore. Since the butters and oils are natural without additives, the change in consistency does not affect the efficacy or reliability of the product.

What is the best way to travel with the body butter?

Our products are safe for travel, but may liquefy if over-exposed to heat. If carrying in luggage, we suggest securing in a small plastic sealable bag to avoid leakage.

Use on Children

Is the body butter safe for use on children?

Our products contain all-natural ingredients and should be safe for all individuals and skin types. We strongly recommend using the Original Body Butter scent for children and babies due to the potential sensitivity to essential oils. Skin conditions, allergies, and sensitivities should also be considered before using this or any other product.


How long will it take for me to receive the product?

We process and ship products usually via UPS within 3 business days of your order. We do not ship to post office boxes, and we do not ship internationally.

What if the product is damaged when received?

If your item is damaged upon receipt, take a picture of the item the day of confirmed UPS delivery and send the photograph along with a brief description of the issue via email to Please note that we are not responsible for delayed pick-up of the product once delivery is confirmed by UPS. If the product was damaged in shipment, our team will review the claim and work to resolve the issue to your satisfaction.

What if I want to return the product?

Our desire at Dave’s Body Butter is to provide an exemplary level of customer satisfaction for our consumers. We understand some of our products may not meet individual expectations. However, we do not issue refunds or exchanges on products ordered. If you are not satisfied with the products received, please email our customer service department at Our team would be happy to discuss your concerns.