I absolutely LOVE this Shea Butter! It lasts a long time and is not grainy in texture.  I have incorporated it into my nighttime skincare routine. It locks moisture in without clogging my pores and has a light refreshing fragrance. A little goes a long way and we are very satisfied.

Shannon G. - Charlotte, North Carolina


I absolutely love Dave’s Body Butter! I purchased all the various scents and the Original, which are wonderful. My favorite is the Lavender because I put it on at night and it helps me relax and sleep well. I have also seen a HUGE improvement in my skin overall, especially the heels of my feet. I have tried everything. I have tried various creams and lotions with socks but nothing has been 100 percent until now. My feet stay moisturized. I no longer have cracks in my feet or pain when walking. My son has also had a huge improvement in his skin. He would get dry discolored patches before but he no longer gets that. His favorite scent is the Lemongrass. My 84-year-old father loves it as well. He always had very rough callused hands but now his hands feel softer and moisturized. He uses the Sandalwood scent. This is a great product made with care and love ❤️, which is evident in how it nurtures the body. Buy it!!! You will love it and see a noticeable improvement in your skin right away!

Lori W. - Los Angeles, California


This all-natural balm is very moisturizing and hydrating without being greasy. It made my dry skin feel smooth and baby-soft.

Tarsha E. -  Monroe, Georgia


Cannot beat the all-natural ingredients! And it works. It’s light and absorbs well. And it smells great. Highly recommend!

Jess M. - Potomac, Maryland


This shea butter has a very light feel and absorbs quickly without leaving my skin overly greasy!  I really like the fragrance and how Just a little bit is enough to use all over my entire body including my beard. It's refreshed my skin and even the packaging is well thought through. This is by far one of my most favorite Shea Butter products to use.

William G. - Charlotte, North Carolina